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Key Largo School Parent Involvement Plan Summary-2016-2017
Mission Statement

Key Largo School believes that parental involvement is essential for the School to fulfill its mission of preparing students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens. The purpose of the Parental Involvement Plan is to create a road map for collaboration because KLS believes that children learn best when parents and teachers work together. When parents talk to their children about school, expect them to do well, help them to plan for college or career, and make sure that out of school activities are positive, their children tend to do well in school and in life. Students with involved parents no matter what their income, background or language are more likely to do better in school, stay in school longer, like school more, and be productive citizens within their community and country.

Involvement of Parents

Key Largo School will involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely manner, in the planning, review, and improvement of Title I programs including involvement in the decisions regarding how funds for parental involvement will be used [Sections1118(c)(3), 1114(b)(2), and 1118(a)(2)(B)]. Parents will involve parents in the following ways:
  • Use of Connect-Ed system, school marquee, newsletter and website to announce monthly SAC and PTA meetings where the planning of and input on all programs, their funding and decisions regarding are discussed.  SAC meetings will also be the forum from which parents can request specific parental involvement activities.
  • Minutes will be kept for all organized meetings including those discussed above. KLS's webmaster will create a place on the school's website where all parents can access SAC agendas and minutes.
  • SAC members are elected yearly following the SAC bi-laws.  SAC members provide input for suggestions, changes, and deletions to the PIP.  Parent requests are noted on SAC minutes and thus implemented throughout the year.
  • SAC members and all KLS parents are afforded the opportunity to express any concerns, requests, or changes to the PIP and Parent compact.  The parent compact specifically has a section for suggestions and feedback on the bottom of the form.  All feedback is presented to SAC and approved with a majority agreement.  The timeline for feedback is from May 2015 to the final approval of the PIP at the September 2015 SAC meeting.
Coordination and Integration

Key Largo School will coordinate and integrate parental involvement programs and activities that teach parents how to help their children at home, to the extent feasible and appropriate, including but not limited to, other federal programs such as: Head Start, the Parents as Teachers Program, public preschool, Title I, Part C, Title II, Title III, Title IV, and Title VI [Section 1118(e)(4)].
count Program Coordination
1 Title I Parent Night and Open House The purpose of this event is to inform parents of their parental rights regarding Title I programs, funding, status of highly qualified teachers and extended learning opportunities beyond the regular school day.  8/31/2016
2 Building Student Success-Kindergarten-8th Grade KLS Reading Coach & Title One Contact schedules Elementary Parent Night-Building Student Success committee meetings to organize the event. Planning includes set-up of presenters, obtaining materials, sending invitations, buying food and refreshments. The program focuses on parents helping to build their child’s success in school through workshops on Math, Reading/Study Skills, Behavior, & monitoring student attendance & grades.
3 SPOOKTACULAR This event is led by School Admin. and the PTA. The event assists parents with teaching sportsmanship, following directions, healthy family interaction and social skills.
4 World Heritage Night Showcasing activities & performances showing a diversity of cultures leading to an increased understanding of other cultures and a decrease in bullying & intolerance of student’s differences.
5 Kindergarten Round-Up This event is organized by the school Registrar and the School Administrative Team. It is designed to familiarize parents with the inner workings of the school, how to communicate with staff members and offer strategies for study skills at home.
6 HEADSTART/VPK KLS will maintain a site coordinator to run all aspects of the program including, but not limited to, acting as a parent/instructor liaison, running parent meetings, home visits, conferences, trainings and connecting families with outside agencies for additional family resources.
7 KLS/FIU Science Night This event is organized by KLS Title I Coordinator and Florida International University, Keys Marine Research Coordinator. The event will bring parents, students, teachers, and community members together to explore and participate with different grade level appropriate science experiments and hands on learning.
8 Family Reading Nights These events are organized by the Reading Coach including fun literacy activities for parents & students.
9 Title One Parent Night-Jan./Feb. 2017 TBA-Topic of training will be based on parent survey from the Building Student Success workshop
10 UM Health Fair University of Miami will provide information on a wide range of health issues for parents that will be held on a Saturday
Annual Parent Meeting

Describe the specific steps the school will take to conduct an annual meeting designed to inform parents of participating children about the school’s Title I program, the nature of the Title I program (school wide or targeted assistance), Adequately Yearly Progress, school choice, supplemental educational services, and the rights of parents. Include timeline, persons responsible, and evidence the school will use to demonstrate the effectiveness of the activity [Section 1118(c)(1)].
count Activity/Tasks Person Responsible Timeline Evidence of Effectiveness
1 initial SAC Meeting discussing Title 1 Parent Night, AYP and school compact School Admin, SAC Chairperson, Title 1 Parent Contact Sept. , 2016 Meeting minutes
2 Notify parents of Title 1 Parent Night School Admin and Title 1 Parent Contact August 24 – September 17, 2016 KLS Newsletter, Connect-Ed call, flyers, notice on Website
3 Prepare Title 1 Power Point/Video, Compacts, Right to Know letters, Sign-In Sheets, Parent Brochures in English and Spanish School Admin. and Title I Parent Contact August 24-September 17, 2016 Sign-in sheets, returned compacts, power point presentation/Video
4 Review PIP and receive parent input School Administration, Title I Contact, SAC September 2016 Meeting minutes
6 Review of Parent involvement and Compact and suggestions for next year School Admin and Title I Parent Contact, SAC May 2017 Meeting minutes
Other Activities

Key Largo School will encourage and support parents in more fully participating in the education of their children [Section 1118 (e)(4)] .
KLS Media Center houses a Title I Parent Resource Center with numerous parent resources, including 3 laptop computers where parents can check their child’s grades. The Reading Coach also has a library of parent resources containing such topics as parenting skills and how to successfully support your child academically at home.  The Reading Coach sends out a monthly newsletter in English & Spanish, called “Reading Connections” with literacy information for parents.   All instructional personnel offer flexible times for parent conferences.

Key Largo School will provide parents of participating children the following [Section 1118(c)(4)]: 1118(c)(4)(A)];
  • Timely information about the Title I programs [Section 1118(c)(4)(A)];
  • Description and explanation of the curriculum at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet [Section 1118(c)(4)(B)];
  • If requested by parents, opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children[Section 1118(c)(4)(C)]; and
  • If the school wide program plan under Section 1114 (b)(2) is not satisfactory to the parents of participating children, the school will also submit the parents’ comments on the plan that will be available to the local education agency [Section 1118(c)(5)].
  1. Parent newsletters, marquee, and blackboard connect-ed phone calls, grade level letters home, Pinnacle Internet Parent Viewer
  1. SAC/PTA meetings, school website as well as links to the District and DOE sites
  1. KLS administration has an open door policy for parents at any time assistance is requested. Additionally, all parents, community members and business partners are invited to monthly SAC and PTA meetings.
  1. Parents have the opportunity to register unsatisfactory opinions/comments on the annual parent climate survey which is public information or do so more informally by meeting with an administrator. Additionally, when the plan is reviewed each year, unsatisfactory comments will be recorded in SAC minutes and on the subsequent year's plan.
  1.  SAC minutes will be placed on the school's website.
  1.  Parents will have an understanding of expectations via the teacher/student/parent compact which is developed by school staff and parental input through SAC. The Title I brochure will be distributed on the night of the Annual Title I Parent meeting in September.

Copy of Key Largo School Parent. Student, Teacher Compact

Title I Program, 2016-2017
School             Key Largo School                           Date September , 2016
School Mission:    We are committed to working to collaboratively provide a quality learning
environment in which ALL children can learn and develop to their maximum potential.
As a Teacher, I ____________________________________, will;
  1. -believe that each student can learn;
  2. -show respect for each student and his/her family;
  3. -come to class prepared to motivate student learning;
  4. -help each child grow to his/her fullest potential;
  5. -maintain open lines of communication with student and his/her parents regarding social and academic matters;
  6. -encourage students to access additional assistance programs and activities offered before and after school as needed.
As a Student, I, _____________________________________, will:
  1. -always strive for my personal best
  2. -work cooperatively with my classmates;
  3. -believe that I can and will learn;
  4. -attend before and after school activities and additional assistance programs as approved by my parent or guardian
  5. -follow all school/bus procedures so all students can learn
  6. -follow the school dress code
  7. -show respect for myself, my school and others, including fellow students, teachers, and administrators;
  8. –use cell phones in class for educational purposes only.
As a Parent/Guardian, I, _______________________________, will:
  1. -see that my child has a healthy breakfast and lunch
  2. -see that my child attends school regularly and on time;
  3. -support my child by offering dress code clothing choices;
  4. -communicate regularly with my child's teachers;
  5. -talk with my child about his/her school activities every day;
  6. -encourage my child to read at home and to complete assignments
  7. -monitor use of electronic devices and internet/social networking sites;
  8. -support my child’s participation in before and after school activities and additional assistance programs as needed.
Teachers and parents are encouraged to review this Compact during Parent-Teacher Conferences
Programa Título I, 2016- 2017
                          COMPACTO DE PADRES - ESTUDIANTES - MAESTROS:
Escuela            Key Largo School                      Fecha:  de septiembre,2016
Misión de la Escuela:   Estamos cometidos a trabajar conjuntamente para proveer un ambiente de instrucción en la cual todos los niños puedan aprender y desarrollarse a su potencial máximo.
Como Maestro/Maestra, yo________________________________
  1. -creo que cada estudiante puede aprender;
  2. -mostraré respeto para cada niño y su familia;
  3. -vendré a la clase preparada/o a motivar aprendizaje del estudiante;
  4. -ayudaré a cada niño a alcanzar su mayor capacidad;
  5. -mantendré abierta las líneas de comunicación con cada estudiante y sus padres con respeto a asuntos sociales y académicos;
  6. animare a los estudiantes obtener acceso  a programas de asistencia adicionales y actividades antes y después de la escuela según sea necesario.
Como Estudiante, yo_____________________________________
  1. -siempre trataré de hacer lo mejor en mi trabajo y en mi conducta.
  2. -trabajaré en cooperación con mis compañeros de clase.
  3. -creo que puedo aprender y aprenderé.
  4. -asistiré actividades escolares y programas de asistencia adicionales antes y después de escuela aprobados por mi padre o guardián;
  5. -obedeceré las reglas de la escuela y del Autobús.
  6. seguiré el código de vestido.
  7. -mostraré respeto por mí mismo, hacia mi escuela y hacia otras personas.
  8. -usare celulares en clase solo para aplicaciones educativas.
Como Padre/Guardián, yo_________________________________
  1. -veré que mi hijo tiene un desayuno y almuerzo saludable
  2. -veré que mi hijo/a asista a la escuela regularmente y a tiempo.
  3. -apoyare a mi hijo ofreciendo opciones de ropa del código de vestido.
  4. -me comunicaré regularmente con los maestros de mi hijo/a.
  5. -hablaré diariamente con mi hijo/a acerca de sus actividades en la escuela.
  6. -apoyare a mi hijo ofreciendo opciones de ropa del código de vestido.
  7. -monitorearé el uso de dispositivos electrónicos y de internet/sitios de redes sociales.
  8. -apoyare la participación de mi hijo en las actividades escolares y programas de asistencia adicionales antes y después de la escuela según sea necesario.
Animamos a los maestros y a los padres hablar sobre este Compacto durante las Conferencias de
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